This article provides additional information regarding the upcoming rebranding of „XenServer” to “Citrix Hypervisor” and what steps Citrix is taking in conjunction with this change.

As many of you know, XenServer.org was created many years ago to provide developers and users of the Free edition a venue through which to share insights and suggestions regarding product features, enhancements, and technical support. The upcoming rebranding of „XenServer” to „Citrix Hypervisor” offers an opportunity to consolidate access to product resources to a single website – citrix.com. To be clear, this does not mean developers and users of the Free edition will cease to have access to the resources they need to simplify, enhance, and extend their virtual environments. On the contrary, such resources will continue to be available on the Citrix Hypervisor pages of citrix.com and developer.citrix.com.

The primary reason for consolidating access to product resources to citrix.com is quite simple – we’d like to encourage developers and users to visit the same website for Citrix Hypervisor resources as they do for all other Citrix products and solutions. Whether it be product documentation, software components, developer tools, technical support, blog articles, case studies, etc., we believe taking this step will help our customers, regardless of which edition they use, recognize Citrix Hypervisor as a invaluable component of a complete Citrix virtualization stack that helps them get the most out of their virtual applications and desktops environments.

Directing visitors to citrix.com to access all things Citrix hypervisor-related will help us convey the message that all products and solutions developed by Citrix, along with their respective components and resources, are available at, and must be accessed from, citrix.com.

Citrix readily acknowledges and appreciates the input and feedback we receive from developers and users of all product editions. Thus, we cannot emphasize enough the only change visitors of xenserver.org will notice starting April 1st is where they go to access Citrix Hypervisor components and resources. Users of all product editions, along with members of the development community, will retain the opportunity to share their input and suggestions with Citrix to ensure the features and capabilities we introduce in future releases enable our customers to get the most out of their virtual environments.



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